Two star Michelin restaurant ‚Aan de Poel‘ Amsterdam

Illuminated by Brand van Egmond

When a two star Michelin restaurant and an atelier for lighting sculptures find their match in a similar vision – both creating more pieces of art than a simple meal of light – great things can happen. Restaurant Aan de Poel renewed their interior, and wanted the unique culinary experience to be reflected in their interior as well.


“For us, going out for dinner should be a complete experience – equal to visiting the theatre – with different ‘acts’ along the way in a six-course menu. Our guests should feel relaxed, almost like at home. We have worked hard to develop our flavour, techniques and atmosphere that make Aan de Poel unique at this level.

Brand van Egmond creates eye-catching chandeliers that are attractive, exciting and inviting to both our guests and staff. Both collections Kelp and Ersa used in our interior relate to nature, which perfectly suits the environment as well as the dishes we serve.“

Stefan van Sprang, 2 Star chef at restaurant Aan de Poel


“Living in Amsterdam, already from the start of Aan de Poel in 2007 I have enjoyed the culinary highlights of star chef Stefan van Sprang and the hospitality of his team. The lights were carefully selected, and form a composition just as his fine meals are a result of a composition. I feel we are, in essence, both craftsman, although with different tools”

William Brand, founder and designer Brand van Egmond


The two star Michelin restaurant Aan de Poel is not the first restaurant illuminated with Brand van Egmond lighting sculptures. William Brand, trained as an architect but also the designer and founder of atelier Brand van Egmond, has been responsible for numerous hospitality projects across the globe.


As an architect he knows like no other the importance of unique and charismatic lighting sculptures. The interiors he works on are places of sensuality, surprise and seduction. His iconic lightings are on view in other Michelin star restaurants like that of Andrew Fairlie at the Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland, Alain Ducass’s restaurant in NYC and Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant Cut at 45 Park Lane in London. Various W-hotels around the world, the recently completed luxury hotel The Fontenay in Germany and luxury boutique hotel TwentySeven in Amsterdam have asked Brand van Egmond for bespoke lighting sculptures from their hands.

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Restaurant Aan de Poel

Twenty minutes from the famous central canals of Amsterdam, guests of Aan de Poel can enjoy phenomenal views over the lake: rippling water, flying swans and the sun traversing the sky in a pallet of orange colours.


2 Star chef Stefan van Sprang and co-owner and sommelier Robbert Veuger retained their second Michelin star in 2013 not only for their unique compositions of flavours and wines, but also for the atmosphere guests are experiencing. Include a superb service and the two star Michelin restaurant has been proven.



The interior of restaurant Aan de Poel

For the interior, two lighting collections were chosen: Kelp and Ersa. Several Kelp compositions were formed, in a warm red copper finish illuminating the black matt and spacious dining room. The Kelp collection, designed by William in 2014, is inspired by the seaweed kelp. The sparkling red copper intrigues like a crackling open fire and therefore evokes a dreaminess atmosphere.


The Ersa collection, recently launched, hints to a poetic phenomenon in nature: dewdrops formed in the early hours of the day. In this collection, William wanted to capture this beautiful yet elusive moment of morning glory. Combining Ersa elements allow for whole compositions to be formed and enjoyed.


One Ersa composition enlightens the entrance of restaurant Aan de Poel. A second composition illuminates the private dining room.


More information: Restaurant Aan de Poel

Pictures by: Maurice Fransen