Modern lighting design by William Brand

The Galaxy collection is a constellation of energy, movement and form. Propelling away from the centre of gravity towards clouds of stardust and outer planets. Orbiting through space, Galaxy offers a different experience when seen from different angles. Through an interaction between lines and globes, the energy and movement is made visible.

The new collection Galaxy fell into the 21st century without a trace of regret from a different era, lightyears away. A lasting design has to have roots.


Modern and Classic Interiors

Offering a different experience when seen from different angles, this collection is a fascinating eye-catcher for both modern as well as classic interiors.

Lighting Compositions

The Galaxy collection can be combined into an infinite number of compositions. Freely moving through space, this balanced yet playful game of lines and globes will result in a fascinating spectacle of light.


Kitchen Lighting Design

A kitchen is a place of gathering and intimacy: to prepare a meal for loved ones, to share the stories of the day. In this home, the kitchen table is as well-illuminated as its conversation: through a composition of Galaxy.

“Geometry is to open up the mind, towards that what has always lain behind the construction of time and space; the illusion that time and space construct. Light is the principal beauty for a space: it determines and expresses simultaneously.”
custom chandelier design by interior architect and lighting designer william brand


William Brand is an award-winning furniture designer. He considers his lighting sculptures the cherry on the cake.

William Brand graduated at the Utrecht School of Arts in The Netherlands as an architect. Autonomy remains at the very core of his artistic and personal existence. A mix of affection for craftsmanship, love of experimenting with new materials and techniques and respect for times gone by result in innovative designs. This leads to yearly introductions of new lighting collections. His lighting designs radiate passion and emotion and leave a long-lasting impression.

Only materials of the highest quality are used to create a Brand van Egmond designer lighting. Crafted to last for generations, its quality protects it from the passage of time.