Modern chandeliers and pendant lighting by William Brand

Just like airplanes can leave a composition of line-shaped clouds – the passing proof of human movement in the air – the Linea is like a drawing of enlightening lines in the sky. Temporarily in mid-air, permanently illuminating. Creating a beautiful light is like good architecture: a matter of proportions.

contemporary chandelier

Truthful and pure, the Linea makes a precise yet playful statement through thin lines of beauty.

Modern and Classic Interiors

A balanced composition of lighting elements can stir the senses, just as a fine meal can.

Lighting Compositions

Mark the sky with your own line-shaped clouds and create a pattern of lines and light with our Linea collection. Seen here in a combination of brass and black.

Kitchen Lighting Design

Linea elements, including downlights, can easily be brought together in bigger compositions.

dining room lighting

Defined by thin lines of beauty, the new Linea hanging lamp is now available with downlights.

modern technology and traditional craftsmanship

We believe that innovation is not the opposite of tradition, just as technology and craftsmanship can go hand in hand. To create a Linea, we embraced new technologies that are formed and shaped by the skilful hands of our craftsmen into a timeless design.

“A good design should express a certain time and place, yet at the same time be timeless."
custom chandelier design by interior architect and lighting designer william brand


William Brand is an award-winning furniture designer. He considers his lighting sculptures the cherry on the cake.

William Brand graduated at the Utrecht School of Arts in The Netherlands as an architect. Autonomy remains at the very core of his artistic and personal existence. A mix of affection for craftsmanship, love of experimenting with new materials and techniques and respect for times gone by result in innovative designs. This leads to yearly introductions of new lighting collections. His lighting designs radiate passion and emotion and leave a long-lasting impression.

Only materials of the highest quality are used to create a Brand van Egmond designer lighting. Crafted to last for generations, its quality protects it from the passage of time.