Kelp Fortuna

Overwhelmed by the warm reception the Kelp collection received, William Brand was intrigued to experiment further and sought to add new elements.
The grand icicles, blow...
n and pulled at the same time by our glassblowers, add a striking monumental facet to the frivolously shaped Kelp. To be able to create icicles of this quality and size demanded rigorous experimenting and exploration of new techniques. As the 16th century Florentine diplomat and poet Machiavelli wrote, ‘It’s better to be adventurous than cautious, as Fortuna is a woman’.
The Kelp Fortuna, named after the ancient Roman goddess of luck, radiates magnificence – and luck we hope - for its beholder.


Kelp Fortuna Collection

The Kelp Fortuna Collection is available in: chandeliers.


All our modern lighting can be handcrafted in every possible size and finish to suit your project or residence.

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