modern chandelier and lighting fixture from contemporary lighting collection brand van egmond for exclusive inetrior design and luxury homes


Frivolous and light-hearted, spirited and energetic; the arched and curved KELP dances through the air. The light sparkles warmly as in a crackling open fire, bringing an... exhilarating sense to any space.

Kelp creates a dramatic light source which brings an exhilarating sense in the interior. You can use the object in any direction you want. A single object with a ceiling cover can create an organic light or you can form a dancing composition by entwining various lighting objects together. The Kelp is, befitting its organic form since 2014 evolving into different shapes, sizes and finishes. The Kelp is available in round, conical and oval chandeliers, with finishes in stainless steel, red copper, brass high gloss, black or white.


Kelp Collection

The Kelp Collection is available in: chandeliers and ceiling lights.


All our modern lighting can be handcrafted in every possible size and finish to suit your project or residence.

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