Fontenay Hamburg

Large chandelier by William Brand

Naarden, April 2018
With the aspiration to be among the new leading luxury hotels in Europe, the hotel The Fontenay opened its doors in March 2018. Working hand in hand with our clients, our atelier was commissioned to craft an exceptional lighting sculpture as the centrepiece for the 27 meters high atrium.


The larger-than-life chandelier is characterized by a tall handmade metal branch, surrounded by silvery leaves which sparkle as the lake Alster outside. Furthermore, William Brand designed a composition of eight lighting sculptures for the haute-cuisine restaurant ‘Parkview’. Throughout the hotel, several suites received an eye-catching chandelier from our established collections.


The architectural firm ‘Störmer Murphy and Partners’ had to face a major technical challenge to fulfil the wishes for a lighting piece in the atrium: due to the construction of the building, unfolded from a smoothly stuccoed dome, only one suspension point was permitted. Architect Jan Störmer and William Brand share several links: both are trained as architects and frequently find inspiration in nature. The architectural firm was also strongly appealed by the character of Brand van Egmond: design and production is all done in-house.


Jan Störmer renovated and developed the organic clear-to-white building. The basic form of the building, consists of three interconnecting circles. The glass facades of the exterior offer the guests beautiful views on the Alster Lake from almost every part of the hotel.


William Brand admired the architectural design and made a lighting proposal for the atrium, adding a contrast as well as an interaction with the free flowing and rhythmic lines of the space.






“The 27-meter Atrium, with its rhythmic and softly illuminated glass satin panels, is one of the first wow-effects guests will experience when entering the hotel. The atrium is located in the heart of the building, exactly where the three circles interlock. Light colours dominate and many natural materials are used for the interior. The design of the atrium needed an organic contrast, which strengthens the rhythm of the glass panels and the open character of the atrium.


The challenge of one single suspension point captured my interest and for the final design I created a six-meter-long branch as a carrier. Dressed in shimmering silvery leaves, the chandelier reaches out to a diameter of over three meters.”

William Brand, founder and designer Brand van Egmond.


With several locations in need for characterful lighting sculptures, such as the private dining rooms of the restaurant ‘Parkview’, a new design was created in line with the outstanding architecture and atmosphere. Combining a steel branch with the time-honoured tradition of blowing glass, several lights were crafted in the Holland-based atelier.