Modern hanging lights & pendant lighting

Hanging above tables, or with a staircase circling around it: modern hanging lights from our atelier offer light with a sculptural touch. For every possible position or space, a unique lighting sculpture can be created by our atelier.


All our lighting sculptures can be handcrafted in every possible size and finish to suit your project or residence.


Creating modern hanging lights since 1989, our various handmade lighting designed by William Brand, are as sculptural as they are functional: Brand van Egmond modern pendant lighting will add character and bring a functional flair to every interior – even when they are switched off. All our designs for modern hanging lights can also be seen as a starting point for a customised lighting design or can simply be crafted with the required finish and dimensions. Contact us for more information. Visit our project page for more lighting design inspiration, modern pendant lighting in dining rooms, hallways, kitchens, bedrooms and more.