Luxury Hotel TwentySeven

Hospitality Lighting by William Brand

Situated in the heart of Amsterdam, on the same square as the Royal Palace, the new luxury boutique hotel TwentySeven has opened its doors in April 2018. After an intense period of reconstruction and designing while using the best materials on the market, Hotel TwentySeven will be the leading boutique hotel in the Netherlands. Hotelier Eric Toren asked designer William Brand to use his skills and experience to put, through his lighting sculptures, the cherry on the cake on what he himself calls ‘his ultimate dream hotel’.


The monumental building, built in 1916, is – due to its location and architecture – a well-known landmark for the citizens of Amsterdam. On the upper floors, Hotel TwentySeven has just sixteen individually designed suites, a restaurant and a plush cocktail bar. Keeping in mind the target audience – a well-travelled, high-heeled cosmopolitan crowd who is looking for a unique Amsterdam experience – William Brand was asked to use his expertise to design seven unique lighting sculptures for several spaces, including the most exclusive suite, the Torenkamer.



“Of all the hospitality projects I’ve completed in the past decade, the starting point has always been the same.  Create a beacon of luxury while at the same time provide a comfortable and pleasing environment where people feel at their best.

Light is emotion; it’s the first focus as well as a resting point for our eyes when entering a building. I’m convinced that even the smallest of decorative lights can alter a space, whether the interior is classic or contemporary. Besides evoking luxury, I wanted to create various emotions in the spaces I was asked to illuminate.”

William Brand, designer and founder Brand van Egmond.









The grand entrance, shared with ‘de Koninklijke Industrieele Groote Club’ (Royal club of Industrialists), required customised lighting. Given that the hotel is actually situated on the third floor, the welcome given by these chandeliers had to be impressive, offering a strong hint of what was yet to come upstairs. With this in mind, William designed two golden ‘bonbons’ which convincingly welcome the guests to the luxurious atmosphere of Hotel TwentySeven, before even stepping into the actual hotel.


For the cocktail bar a room-filling lighting sculpture was crafted, situated as a centre piece. The briefing here was clear: sensuality! The lounge room needed a touch of seduction, while maintaining its intimacy: the Diamonds from Amsterdam collection was chosen here. Designed as homage to the rich history of Amsterdam, and for this occasion connected to the ceiling in suggestive black bands, it also adds a true sparkle. In the back of the restaurant’s kitchen is the discreet and charming ‘Chef’s table’. With both a view of Amsterdam and the chef and his team at work and lit by several bespoke pieces crafted by the atelier of Brand van Egmond, guests are guaranteed an exceptional fine dining experience.


Moreover, for the hotel’s most exclusive suite – the Torenkamer – with a view of the Royal Palace, William designed a composition of a hundred floating candles which gracefully sprinkle their lights above the bed, on the second floor of the suite. The heritage tower itself was beyond reconstruction, due its status of being a national monument. The subtle light composition of floating candles fall on fertile dreamlands for the guests asleep underneath the star filled sky.