Optionele afwerkingen in: cast bronze dark patina.

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The soft velvet look of raw malachite and its vibrant green colour have a mesmerizing effect. Coming closer, you will see a movement and a flow of energy in its lines and circles.

Ancient cultures have cherished this stone as much as we still do: the Egyptians, for example, believed that the afterlife contained an eternal paradise, referred to as the ‘Field of Malachite.’
Due to the scarcity of (semi)precious stones and minerals, we need to check availability before an order can be confirmed. All (semi)precious stones differ from each other in size and shape.

Art.nr: ORC35BDP-MAL
Afmetingen: Ø35cm x hoogte 85cm
Gewicht: 4,0 kg
Finish: cast bronze dark patina finish met malachiet
EU fitting: 1xGU10

Standaard finish in casted bronze dark platina. Maatwerk verlichting op aanvraag.

Al onze moderne verlichting kan met de hand worden gemaakt in elke mogelijke maat en afwerking, passend bij uw project of woning.