Orpheus Precious Stones

One of the most legendary poets and singers in Greek mythology is Orpheus. He sang so beautifully that he touched everyone and all around him. The King and Queen were mov...ed to tears, but also the birds, trees and even the stones were hypnotized by his magical voice. We have found several objects of desire amidst the nymphs and trees, and formed them into lighting sculptures.

Formed very near to the crust of the earth over hundreds of years, we humans have as long as we exist, appreciated precious stones as decorative ornaments, religious symbolism or valued them for their supposed healing powers. Several of those precious stones have found their way to our atelier from various mines around the globe.

Other precious stones can also be sourced, upon request. Given the scarcity of these treasures, we will source the stones on a case by case basis for our clients: we are at the hands of what nature offers us.


Orpheus Precious Stones Collection

The Orpheus Precious Stones Collection is available in: hanging lights and Nymphenburg.


All our modern lighting can be handcrafted in every possible size and finish to suit your project or residence.

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