Hotel Unique Brazil


While other Brazilian cities have their own distinct local identity and culture, São Paulo is a city that belongs to the world. With immigrants from all over the globe, São Paulo is incredibly diverse, boasting large communities from Italy, Portugal, Bolivia, and Japan among many others. This makes São Paulo feel like a dozen cities rolled into one, with a thrilling sense of creativity.

Hotel Unique, situated in the heart of this city, is a testimony to the Paulista’s love for creativity and architecture. It is designed by the Brazilian architect Ruy Ohtake to look like the hull of a ship, including evocative porthole windows.

For the penthouse suite, in line with the lush surroundings amidst this urban jungle justly called ‘Oasis’, William Brand was commissioned by the Brazilian hotel owner, during his visit to our atelier, to create a lighting sculpture befitting the distinctive location and space.

City: São Paulo
Hotel Website:
Photography: Tuca Reinés