Newbury Boston Hotel – USA


A Kelp composition was tailor-made for the grand staircase of the Newbury Boston Hotel in San Fransisco.

The New York-based architect Jeffrey Beers of Jeffrey Beers International was responsible for the new entrance and the shared areas on the 92-year-old property – which was the nation’s first Ritz-Carlton hotel and a landmark in Boston. Alexandra Champalimaud of Champalimaud Design is overseeing the renovation of the Newbury’s guest rooms.

“The Newbury Boston features design elements and an art collection that illuminates the property with elegance, style, rich visual flavor and a bit of wit – which guests can see culminate well-crafted pieces like the chandelier by Brand Van Egmond hanging over The Newbury’s sweeping marble staircase.” – The Newbury Boston

Region: California
Interior architect: Jeffrey Beers International in collaboration with Champalimaud Design.
Pictures: Newbury Boston