William Brand

lighting designer

Founder, sculptor, designer and architect: William Brand is the designer of all new lighting collections. Clients from across the globe commission him for their custom lighting designs.


Founder, sculptor, designer and architect

“Every design of new collections follows the same sequence. After the first sketches, I quickly move towards the atelier and start working with new materials and shapes by myself. Of every collection I can still feel every curve and twist literally in my hands.”

William Brand


William Brand graduated at the Utrecht School of Arts in The Netherlands as an architect. Autonomy remains at the very core of his artistic and personal existence. A mix of affection for craftsmanship, love of experimenting with new materials and techniques and respect for times gone by result in innovative designs. This leads to yearly introductions of new lighting collections. His lighting designs radiate passion and emotion, and leave a long-lasting impression. Besides designing lighting sculptures, William also works on architectural and interior projects.


Would you like a lighting sculpture tailor-made for your space? We can customise to any dimension. Would you like a completely new and unique lighting sculpture? Share your details, in order for us to create a commissioned light just for you.