modern lighting & contemporary lights

Since 1989, yearly, our atelier introduces several new lighting collections, astonishing and stimulating people through our new designs.




Since our very beginning in 1989, founder and lighting designer William Brand created over 30 modern lighting collections for the home, as well as for public spaces, including contemporary chandeliers, designer pendant lights, modern floor lamps and unique table lamps. Stimulated by the rich diversity of our lighting collections, your choice of illumination will be an enrichment to any characterful interior. By means of a contemporary light sculpture, a distinctly avant-garde breeze will be brought through a classic interior space and equally, modern interiors will receive a classic touch as the design of our lights blows new life into old forms and values. Be inspired by our living room lighting, modern dining room lighting, hallway lighting and modern bedroom lighting as well.

We have worked together with leading architectural firms and renowned interior designers around the world, and invite you to join us for our next project. Visit our project page for more interior ideas with our contemporary lights and interior lighting design inspiration.