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As our lighting sculptures are handmade, our atelier can offer endless possibilities to customise. Allow us to translate your personal wishes into handcrafted reality. Our atelier’s experience and knowledge offer you unlimited possibilities. Some of the biggest palaces in the world are lit by us, but also some of the most intimate rooms in private residences. Our lighting graces some of the oldest castles in Europe, but also the most contemporary restaurants.

Customisation process

Every co-creation starts with a conversation. Share your ideas and information about the space requiring a custom lighting design. William Brand and his team will, based on your input, provide an artist impression of our suggestion. After your confirmation, we move towards the actual crafting.

The actual crafting is done in our atelier. Based on your specific requests the right finishes and dimensions will be executed in perfection. We do everything in-house, from the very first sketches until the actual crating.

Crafting a lighting sculpture takes time, but it will last for generations. Our craftsmen are skilled through experience and hard work: specialised in different techniques and the use of varied sources of materials.

If necessary, we have a team on stand-by for installations around the world.

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