modern designer chandelier from contemporary lighting collection brand van egmond for exclusive interiors and luxury homes


Early morning, when the first light of day sends the darkness of the night away, we can see one of nature’s wonders on display: dew drops formed throughout the night.
st as the change of temperature on a surface creates dew, also new finishes and materials are born under shifting conditions. The iridescence on our glass, leading to the gradual change of colour as the angle of view or illumination changes, radiates a stunning glow. Ersa, named after the Greek goddess of dew, hints as much to the fresh-faced start of a new day as the thirst for free-spirited renewal. Both as a single object as well as assembled into a larger composition of multiple objects in, for example, a staircase.


Ersa Collection

The Ersa Collection is available in: chandeliers, hanging lights, ceiling lights, floor lamps and wall lights.


All our modern lighting can be handcrafted in every possible size and finish to suit your project or residence.

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