modern lighting & interior design ideas

Working with some of the best architects and interior designers of the world,  our lighting is found in a variety of spaces: from the most public lobbies, till intimate residences.

At Brand van Egmond we design and handcraft modern chandeliers for private residences, hospitality projects, offices and commercial projects with the aim to alter the identity and perception of a space. Over the past three decades, we have travelled to the most spectacular corners of the world to work hand in hand with leading architectural firms, renowned interior designers and art lovers to create statement interiors, strengthened by our contemporary lighting. Where other modern lighting can be perceived as lacking in expression, Brand van Egmond lights are offering a unique manifestation of character and emotion.

Devoted to quality, craftsmanship and artistry, each lighting-design has been crafted to the highest quality standards by our in-house team. Resulting in over 30 lighting collections and an unrivalled variety of custom lighting, we are established as an atelier with unlimited lighting solutions. View our collection page and be inspired by our dining room lighting, living room lamps, bedroom lights, bathroom lights and more.